Saturday 16th March 2019 continued:

After yesterday’s terrors, today has been a good day. Periods of calm, absolutely no chest pain or heart rate rocketing madness. I had a shower, shaved my legs, plucked my eyebrows and felt…well…almost normal. It’s the small things. I’m not quite up to raving and misbehaving…more’s the pity after I listened to my running playlist today…but it seems as though the concoction of medication is working. I did have to sit down and catch my breath for a good 10 minutes afterwards mind.

I’m now playing the waiting game as I need to head to Taunton again this week for a cardiac MRI, so they can fill in any gaps they may have missed, and they won’t discharge me until the results are back.

Basically, when the CT scan was carried out after my heart attack…that still sounds utterly ridiculous…some nodules were found on my lungs…because quite obviously I needed another complication.

The cardiologist and radiologist are pretty certain it’s a rare lung disease called sarcoidosis. I Googled it, so you don’t have to, and it doesn’t look all bad. It can cause respiratory problems like shortness of breath and a persistent cough but I don’t appear to present any of the symptoms. The docs now want to check it’s not on my heart as it can affect various organs. I also need to see the chest specialist.

I’m bloody sure there’s some sort of guardian angel watching over me in here though. The coincidences are just too weird. After finding out the ward sister, Cheryl, knew Sooty, today I discovered another nurse in the unit, Julie, lived on the same housing estate in Texas as my good friends the Prices. Paul is on secondment in Fort Worth, I’ve known him since we were kids, I stay in his and Jen’s house with our mate Andy when I visit our hometown, Preston. I can’t even begin to imagine how this is possible. But I like it!


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