The final countdown

Friday 31st May 2019:

It’s been a couple of weeks since I blogged…the days keep running away with me.

There have been afternoons out at the seaside and a reunion with one of my oldest friends, Kate, who trekked 300 miles south from Preston for a post-heart attack cuddle…mind you I do make a cracking curry and I think that may have been her true motive.

I’ve also had my long-awaited cardiac MRI, the results of which should come back next week…oh, and I also did my best Bart Simpson impression by managing to stain my face bright yellow. That’s what you get for re-dying your hair on the same day you head to the gym!

Although I still miss my cardiac rehab buddies, at least there’s a chance I might form some new allegiances now I have my GP gym referral. I’ve got my first session with a personal trainer on Sunday…I sense some John Wayne swaggering come Monday.

My fitness is definitely improving though as I’ve just finished my longest solo run…three miles in just over 30 minutes, and that includes stopping for a chat with my lovely friend Bex.

Given I’m now on my ninth UTI since Christmas – as kidney stones hell continues – and I was struggling to motivate myself and dropping off to sleep at any given moment last week, this feels like somewhat of a triumph.

Hopefully the half a stone of water retention I gained in just three days will jog on soon too as I need to look good for my return to work NEXT WEEK! Yep, you heard it right. I got the ok from occupational health last week so I’m almost back in the game and it can’t come soon enough.

Tick, tick…BOOM!


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