I got the job!

Friday 9th August 2019:

On the five-month anniversary of the day I was told I had suffered a minor heart attack, I am happy to report I got the job!!!

I’m moving to Birmingham part-time for three months from September to work on the sub editors’ desk, with the colleagues who have possibly (most likely) been silently correcting my copy since I started this blog! You know who you are…

I’ll learn so much. It’s exciting…and just a little bit terrifying…but most of all it’s a challenge. You can either feel hard done by or you can just bloody well get on with it. To be honest ill health has brought far more positives than negatives so crack on life…bring it on.

My heart is normal and I’ve now been off all my cardiac medication for a couple of weeks. The cardiologist didn’t seem convinced it was the right move at first as I’m a bit of a special case but hey, I’ve not dropped dead so that’s surely hopeful.

My sprained ankle is healing well and so I’m back running almost every day which is frankly as good for the mind as it is for the heart and waistline.

I’ve been enjoying the hamster wheel of work, more days out, I’ve even been on holiday with the family to “posh Butlins” as someone put it…I still haven’t been able to bring myself to tackle the pain in the neck that is travel insurance so staycations it is…AND I completed the Crystal Maze for my best friend Lucie’s 40th in Manchester. A weekend of being very northern and retro. Perfect!

Oh, and I almost forgot…I sold the warts I’d helpfully developed on my hand to my Dad for a penny…he honestly asked for them…but that old wive’s tale was utter bunkham and I resorted to the over-the-counter ointment I should have used in the first place as they were banished in a few days.

It appears the only thing wrong with me…and I appreciate this is subjective…is the 12th damned UTI I have recently developed after the long course of low-dose antibiotics the urologist put me on, and felt confident would cure me, came to an end. Sigh!

I’ve got another appointment with him next week where he’s likely to suggest a camera might be the best way to see what’s going on. Gulp!

The good thing is, if he wants to blast the kidney stones he now can as I’m no longer at risk of bleeding to death because of the blood thinners. Silver linings and all that.

So anyway, I’m not quite sure what to do with myself now I have very few ailments to whinge about. Answers on a postcard…


4 thoughts on “I got the job!

  1. Bloody hell, chica, there’s no stopping you!!! Congratulations for all of the above apart from the warts and UTIs, obvs – and btw I really do recommend the Waterfall D Mannose pills I mentioned for the latter. C x

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  2. Caroline Henbery says:

    Wow, what a story, so pleased to read how well you’re doing. I pulled my car over to listen to you on Eddie’s show on BBC Radio London earlier this week. My husband has been diagnosed with sarcoidosis – about 5 years ago now, but we feel completely in the dark about this disease. I heard you say you’d been referred to a specialist clinic, could you tell me which one? I worry every day that he’s just not seeing the right person. He started off in a lung clinic, we were told sarcoidosis was only a respiratory disease only to research ourselves and find out it wasn’t and had to fight to be referred somewhere else so they could look at his whole body, but that’s not really happening either. I’d love to know if there’s a really good sarcoidosis clinic out there (we’re in London).


    • Hey Caroline! How wonderful you found my blog after listening to Eddie’s show and enjoyed my story. I really ought to do another update. Life and work has taken over of late. Anyway, regarding sarcoidosis I too am somewhat in the dark but if you and/or your husband are on Facebook I would suggest you join the SarcoidosisUK support group on there. It’s brilliant. A very open space to ask questions, vent and find out more information. Aside from that, try and get a referral to the Royal Brompton in London. It has a specialist unit. I haven’t been seen there yet but am in the middle of trying to fix a date as they have now received my referral. Best of luck and do keep in touch x


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