Home free…I hope

Tuesday 19th March 2019:

This is short and sweet as I’m exhausted.

I was discharged from hospital today.

Of course I escaped the institution in my typically low key manner…black and white checked Vans, red, blue and yellow Wonder Woman dressing gown, a bunch of flowers – complete with water and vase in a plastic bag – and electric blue headphones swung round my neck.

Now I’m home.

Life has never felt so good.


2 thoughts on “Home free…I hope

  1. Diana says:

    Sue, having been picking up your blog through Seren (I) – thank you for the incisiveness of your story, a rare inside track on how the symptoms appeared for you adds to my knowledge of an already quite wide range of possibilities! Wishing you well with your ongoing recovery – I know you won’t need me to say it, but ease yourself back in to your life despite what I am sure is an irrepressible urge to bounce back into normalcy. Take care Diana

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    • How lovely of you to message Diana. I do hope you’ll keep reading and I’m glad it’s proving insightful. It has made the whole hideous experience somewhat bearable and worthwhile xxx


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