First run, post heart attack

Sunday 28th April 2019:

Excuse the bed head and lack of make-up in the video but…I did it!

My first 10-minute outdoor run following my heart’s wobble seven weeks ago…and on London Marathon day too.

That feeling of freedom is nothing short of immense.


2 thoughts on “First run, post heart attack

  1. Hi Sue,
    This is Tony from upstairs in Suite 7 in Dorch. I’ll keep this short as you’ll have much better things to do than read this…

    Oh my Lord. I had no idea what you’ve been going through until today. I just assumed you’d been away on holiday and then maybe working away somewhere. I happened to ask downstairs today where you were and they told me what you’ve been going through. Wow. Make sure you listen to all the advice you’ve been given and concentrate on getting better for the sake of everyone special to you.

    All the very best from Lucy and me upstairs and I’m looking forward to seeing what colour your hair will be when you return!

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    • Tony,
      How absolutely lovely to hear from you. Better things to do? Don’t be silly. I’m so pleased you messaged me.
      Oddly, I only thought about you this morning and wondered if you knew…weird!
      I’m hoping to return to work in June and look forward to seeing you then. It’s been a very bizarre couple of months.
      Anyway, I hope you’re keeping well and making sure my lot are under control.
      I shall very much look forward to seeing you soon.
      Much love xx


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