Screw you sarcoidosis!

Wednesday 8th May 2019:

I’ve actually just thrust my fists in the air and “whooped” out loud, twice – once while plodding along the main A30 through Sherborne – on completing a 2-mile run in 22 minutes and 29 seconds, with one mile sub 11 minutes!

I may have got some funny looks but I don’t actually care one bit. Send the men with the white coats if you like.

Sarcoidosis, you will not take my heart, you will not take my lungs, you will not take my bloody kidney and you will certainly not take me.


I feel more alive than ever, plus I had my last life coaching session earlier because I’ve “taken back control”, as Chris my coach put it, and I’ve got a meeting with my boss, Michael, and occupational health in two weeks.

I’m heading ever closer to my goal of going back to work.

I’ve almost cried happy tears more than once today.

Today has been a great day!


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