I think it was worth it?

After several weeks of killer pain I’ve had a couple of almost feeling human. Whether that’s thanks to the anti-inflammatory diet or stopping all exercise, or a combination, or the sarcoidosis and SFN giving me some sort of weird reprieve, I have no clue. But tonight I was determined to dance! And dance! And dance!

Thank you, thank you, thank you DJ Yoda and your Stranger Things mixtape. For a few hours I got my mojo back! This is the reason I probably won’t be able to walk in the morning! I think it was worth it?!

Dance like everyone is watching!

4 thoughts on “I think it was worth it?

  1. Nikki says:

    Sue you look amazing! So, pleased you had a night of forgetting your issues with lots of fUN, it certainly makes you believe the fight and hard times is worth it. Xx


  2. June says:

    You must never give up dance on young lady you can do it your so determined and a real fighter. Go for it girl whether anyone’s watching or not. Much Love June XX


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