Here goes… only waited nine years!

After a three-hour wait this week for a lumbar puncture, my current investigations are over!

The MRI on my knee a few weeks ago came back clear. Apparently it’s in lovely shape – lots of cartilage so no signs of arthritis, and no meniscus tears. Literally the best news! It means it’s nothing mechanical so my running days are most certainly NOT over!

However, it all points to inflammation so is very likely to be sarcoidosis related.

Now I’ve had my lumbar puncture it’s another waiting game but I finally picked up my prescription for steroids.

So today is the day! The first of many… and no-doubt side effects. But you have to be in it to win it right?! And obviously I took my prednisolone dose – and high strength vitamin D, as specialists try to mitigate the damage to my bones – after a run. Fuck you sarcoidosis! I’ve only been waiting nine years…


4 thoughts on “Here goes… only waited nine years!

  1. Paul Clifton says:

    Prednisolone is fab…but they won’t let you stay on it for more than two years, because of the damage it can do.
    And coming off isn’t comfortable.
    Been there, done that.

    Paul Clifton


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