Tackling chores and bloody insurance

Tuesday 26th March 2019:

Today I managed 20 minutes of much-needed weeding in my garden with my wonderful friends Viv and Rachael who offered to come round and give it a tidy-up…well Viv did, Rachael got dragged into it as I’d embarrassingly forgotten she was coming. I must start writing these things down. Usually I’m good at keeping dates and meetings firmly in my mind but I’ve been more forgetful of late. Thankfully she still gave me the Easter biscuits she’d brought.

After my Vitamin D fix, Viv took me out for lunch. I’m like Lady Muck being driven everywhere at the moment because by law you’re not allowed to get behind the wheel for four weeks after a heart attack if you didn’t require stents fitting in furred-up arteries…which I didn’t. It’s frustrating…and don’t even talk to me about insurance. Mention “heart attack” and it has the same effect on inflation as the word “wedding”.

Breathlessness still gets the better of me from time to time and I’ve no idea whether it’s my dodgy ticker or sarcoidosis at play. Luckily, I’ve had no chest pains today and I’ve been monitoring my heart rate which seems good.

You see, I used my current medical state as a justified reason to buy an all singing, all dancing watch that monitors just about everything. It even tells me when to breathe, just in case I forget.

However, it can’t cook dinner so I decided today was as good a day as any to rustle up my first family meal, post attack. The kids requested Malaysian chicken curry…admittedly a marked improvement on hospital food but now I need a sit down.


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