What midlife crisis?

Saturday 20th April 2019:

Happy Easter weekend…I made it! I also got to wish one of my best friends, Jenny, a “welcome to the 40s club”, though sadly not in person as previously hoped. But we’ll make up for it soon I’m sure. This is us together in February…

It’s been a few days since I wrote but I figure it’s better to have something to say than repeatedly tell you what I’ve just eaten for breakfast and the fact I’ve hoovered up…though that’d be a complete lie as I now have a cleaner I can’t afford, so Mum’s paying for him. The joys of being an only child.

I’m now six weeks post heart attack and am starting to feel more like me, and I’m ecstatic to report on Wednesday I actually managed a spot of egg hunting with my babies, Goddaughter Arabella, and her 10-week-old brother Tristan…and their mum Christine, but she’s not as cute and the last time I saw her when she visited me in hospital the woman in the bed opposite thought she was my daughter and I’ve not quite gotten over that yet.

Plus, after pining longingly at the Jurassic Coast via my smug friends’ social media accounts I finally made it to the beach yesterday. I am now one of those irritating bastards you want to poke after posting not only photos of the sun-kissed sand and rolling sea but also my divine eggs benedict breakfast, which definitely contravenes the no fat part of my anti-inflammatory diet but for one day I don’t care. I had champagne last night too which has sugar in it but I figured it really was time to celebrate being alive with the friends whose house I was at that fateful night.

This time when I said my goodbyes to CJ, Steve and their son Charlie before heading home, it really was because at 8pm I was knackered, and this time my family accompanied me up the hill where, I hasten to add, I didn’t have to stop halfway for a breather AND I carried my (albeit much tinier) handbag with ease.

Today has pretty much been a write-off though but I was content just to mooch about at home and sunbathe briefly in the back garden. Mentally I feel like I’m fixed but I’m still trying to convince my body to catch up.

Great news though…the rehab nurses have said I can now add up to an hour’s exercise to my weekly routine in the gym or…and I did do a little shriek when they told me this…about 10 minutes of running. Actual, proper running…out and about! Mmmmm I wonder if Sophie and Ruth will ever canter out with me again? Girls?

And if I wasn’t having a midlife crisis before my heart attack I definitely am now. Not only have a plumped for luminous yellow hair that most certainly rivals any Easter chick I’ve ever seen, but I’m also contemplating a wholly impractical sports car.

Well, why the hell not?


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